VET Opportunities

VerdeSur Teacher Academy provides VET opportunities for the students and teachers through out its partnerships with the private organisations in Spain and Finland.

We are in favour of the long-term VET placements taking place more than 2 months up to 12 months for both destinations. Though, according to your needs, we can create a tailor made program for the shorter mobilities starting from 14 days. Moreover, we are able to provide training opportunities for teachers who are in VET Education in the given locations below.

We can secure for the participants of these programs transportation, convenient and affordable accommodation, language courses, cultural programs, and job placement in a variety of fields. We are very flexible and can work with your needs and ensure satisfaction.Verdesur Teacher Academy hosts VET learners and accompanying staff for two weeks or more in the following fields:

For the VET Opportunities in Granada and Alcalá la Real, Spain we are able to provide :

Hospitality & Tourism – hotel reception

Gastronomy– food preparation

Agricultural Technologies ( Olive and Wine Production )

For the VET Opportunities in Uusikaupunki, Finland

Mechanical/Electrical workroom

Manufacturing and Production

Our VET Internship, Job-Shadowing and Course Opportunities includes :

  1. Transfer to and from the airport
  2. Full board accommodation in shared houses
  3. Work orientation sessions, tutoring
  4. Translation Services if needed ( From English – Spanish, Turkish – English , Turkish – Spanish )
  5. Cultural activities
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Europass Mobility Certificate
  8. Career Guidance for the future opportunities

Timetable for the VET placements

  1. Day – starting day of the project, arrival of the participants to venue of the project.
  • Welcoming the group upon arrival.
  • Show the participants useful places including accommodation, the city center and main places.
  1. Day – Introductory meeting with Verdesur Team – the hosting organization.
  • Opening of the local language course ( entry level for daily conversations ) and socio-cultural preparation.

1. Week – 2. Week

  • Presentation of the participants to the companies the first day.
  • Meeting with tutor.
  • Placement of the participants in the suitable work place.
  • Introduction of their workmates and colleagues

After 2. Week

  • Work placement in the institution in the location.
  • Regular meetings between participants and Verdesur Representatives.
  • Organize monitoring meetings with participants every week during the whole stay.
  • Monitoring visits with the companies to check the work placement.

The conditions of the VET placements

We will provide airport pick up, local transportation, accommodation, allowance*, work-placement, language course ( entry level A1 for the daily conversations ) and translation services, socio-cultural preparation ( online preparation meetings ), monitoring, evaluating, administration and certification.

Travel Arrangements and Transportation

Verdesur will provide a minibus / private car depending on the size of the group for the transportation of the participants from airports near to the city where the placement will take place. The same procedure will apply for their departure. On the other hand, the participants will be provided with bikes during their stay for their public transportation as for the VET placements, the cities in Spain and Finland, it is easier to go around with bike than the public transportation.


The participants will be accommodated in shared apartment/houses on self-catering basis. They will be required to share their accommodation with other members of their own group. The apartments will be in the centre of the town and closer to their work placements. The participants will be provided on weekly shopping by their tutor assigned to their group and they should be able to cook by themselves. All of the houses will have a living room, kitchen, bathroom.

The information on the conditions of the accommodation will be provided prior to the arrival of the group.


The allowance depends on the common agreement with the applicant and our organisation. If it is agreed, the participants will be given an allowance in the form of cash to buy meals for themselves in case that they request to receive allowance, they will not be receiving the materials for the cooking.

Job placement

VerdeSur is able to provide a suitable traineeship placement in any required field regarding to the project activities, the participants experiences and their skills. The working language at work placement will be in English or in Spanish depending on the location. In case that, necessary language assistance is needed for short-term mobilities a translator will be assigned to the group and for long-term mobilities, the group members will be provided with language courses as a beginner level for 2 weeks.

Before the start of the work placement, each participant will be accompanied by the project coordinator to visit their work placement’s institution, where they will meet the staff and discuss the kind of work he/she will be expected to do. At this meeting, a work plan will be defined for each participant. Participants will be expected to work the same hours as permanent staff, a normal working week is approximately 40 hours in all sectors of activity.

In case it is needed, we will make necessary changes for the well-being of the student.

Socio-cultural Preparation

This preparation is aimed at helping people adapt to a foreign cultural environment and providing them with practical information about life in the hosting country and inform them about all cultural and tourist attractions in hosting country.

Monitoring, Evaluating, Administration

Verdesur will organize regular meetings and individual mentoring for the participants who involved in the program. Verdesur will as well provide reports about the development of the participants son monthly basis to the sending organisation.


The participant will receive certificate from the work place that they have involved directly which will include about their tasks and responsibilities while they are doing their activities. On the other hand, we will provide as well as Europass Mobility document and Verdesur will be provide this document in cooperation with the sending organisation.