About Verdesur

Verdesur Teacher Academy is a part of Asociación Socio-Cultural VerdeSur Alcalá providing in-service trainings for the teachers within the Erasmus+ Programmes. 

Verdesur consisted of a team with a huge experience from the youth sector willing to increase their scope towards to the development of courses in adult and school education sectors along with the Vocational Education Sector with the partnerships that they have developed around Europe specifically Spain, Finland, Croatia and overseas territories of France and Netherlands. 

Verdesur is a non-profit organisation with a long tradition gets its power from its members as professionals varied from social sciences, arts, sport and law. The mission of Verdesur is to provide educational activities in a good quality together providing organisational development assistance towards to the teachers and adult educators to increase their abilities to provide better services.

We are able to provide courses in English, Spanish and Turkish languages.

Our Course Locations for School Education, Adult Education and VET Sectors:

Granada, Spain

Malaga, Spain*

Cordoba, Spain*

Alcalá la Real, Spain

Uusikaupunki, Finland**

Zagreb, Croatia*


Hamburg, Germany*

Berlin, Germany*

Frankfurt am Main, Germany*

* Please be noted these locations are only for the school and adult education sectors.

** Finnish Education System Course is only particular to this location as it consists of study visits to the high schools and local organisations providing school education.