The courses below are provided by our organisation in any destination country ( Spain, Finland, Croatia and Germany ) regarding to the needs and time availability of your organisation. The target group of these courses are the teachers, adult educators who are providing services directly within the school and adult education system.

The courses are developed as tailor-made for the groups of 5 or more people in the locations in ( Spain, Finland, Croatia and Germany ). The costs of the courses are based on the daily fee of the course ( 80 EUR / per day ) and it can be developed from 5 day to 10 days depending on the choice of your organisation and the courses are implemented in three different languages as English, Spanish and Turkish. For 5 day courses, we charge 400 EURs and for 10 days courses we charge 800 EURs. This fee only for the seminar/training implementation and do not constitute the costs concerning the accommodation, food or transfers.

In case it is requested by your side, we provide airport transfer, full-board accommodation and local transportation during the activities. For that, we request 110 EUR per day per person for Spain and Croatia, 120 EUR per day for Finland and Germany. The accommodation will be provided in double rooms and the food will be provided according to the needs of the participants.

If you are interested one of the courses below, please let us know through the registration form, we will let you know as soon as possible about the practicalities and more detailed information.

OID Number of Verdesur : E10232877

PIC Number of Verdesur : 896592341

List of Courses

  1. Usage of Art in Classroom
  2. Dealing with Interculturalism in Classroom
  3. Using G-Suite and Moodle for Education
  4. Inclusive Education
  5. Emotional Labour and how to tackle with Burnout
  6. Time Travel Methodology in Heritage Teaching
  7. Gamification of Language Teaching
  8. Capabilities Approach to Teaching
  9. Education for children with special needs
  10. Design Thinking in Classroom
  11. Making the Classroom Accessible
  12. Cyber-Bullying & Hate Speech
  13. Cohesion or Coexistance? Diversity in Classroom
  14. Giraffe & Jackal – Non-Violent Communication Techniques for Teachers / Adult Educators
  15. Project Management in School Environment
  16. Environmental Awareness in classroom Setting
  17. Finland Education Model and Study Visit to Finnish Schools
  18. Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Teachers and Adult Educators
  19. Blended Learning : Combining Online and Face to Face Learning
  20. Self-Directed Learning in Adult Education
  21. Drama in Education : Using theatre in Classroom
  22. Project-Based Learning in School Environment
  23. Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Teaching for Empowerment
  24. Innovative Classroom Practices

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